5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas GiftsWe did you one better this year; we put together a list of 5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to get for friends and family. You are welcome. If you are balling on a budget or you are aiming for some sentimental, unforgettable beautifully put together gifts that will undoubtedly make a last impression on the receiver, then we recommend you read on for some mind blowing gift tip!


5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts


Our Editor is really into D.I.Y gifting this year, because she’s a huge giver and her list grows each year!- this does kind of save her a lot of money on her end and steals away a chunk of her time which is a non-issue for her,we think. This holiday season she gave birth to Beauty-In-A-Jar that comes as a Mani-In-A-Jar and is quickly developing a custom made beauty jar kids and a beauty basket for Christmas gifting too.

5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

  • She recommends creating your own basket of love or spa for a female or male friend. Of course do not go for all luxury line beauty products but you can find some great products for reasonable..or chic&cheap prices. The basket can come close to free. You can try one of her excellent exfoliant D.I.Y sugar scrubs , the good thing is you probably have all these ingredients in your kitchen anyway. You will need a container for your scrub and neat yet simple packaging. A D.I.Y gift basket can cost less than USD$50 and even NTD2000 if you have a great number to get around. You can order yours from her as a last minute gift idea- if you are pressed for time or the creativity side isn’t your strongest area.
  • A gift voucher is another excellent way to go,especially if you do not know for sure what it is that you want to get someone but you want to give. It can be a spa voucher (yummy!) or a shopping voucher. We recommend a spa voucher even though both gift options are great for both sexes.
  • A book! Believe it or not, most of the people in our lives enjoy a good read. Whether its an exotic read or more nerdy read- nobody will put a book down off their greatest gifts received…ever!5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts
  • One of our mani-in-a jars; carefully selected fun at home kit to gift your girls or even your mom. They will appreciate the thought.
  • Desk cards. The best stationery gift you will give or receive,then a classic,vintage,artsy or fashionable desk cards will go a long way. They are functional and practical and will NEVER go out of style!

That is our list of 5 Fab Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to gift friends and loved ones. We enjoy practical gifts and we assure you that your friends appreciate them more!