5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work

5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work outfit ideas for work5 ways to wear you at work is the ultimate on how to recycle,reuse and restyle your work clothes. Most people who get up and go to work have a fear of being too overdressed or just simply lacking the inspiration to even begin to look presentable. Other’s do not want to seem like they have put in a lot of time into their look. We say, there is no shame in going the extra mile or spending 5 extra minutes in the morning examining yourself in the mirror. Today we show you how one pair of work pants and a basic dress and show you how to work around these two pieces for an entire 5 days of work!

Remember we are working with a black pair of work pants that you can find just about anywhere and a simple,basic shirt dress that can be worn with just about anything. You do not need to own the exact name brands our chief-in glam used to put together today’s fashionable yet practical style sets. If anything, these can used as inspiration or you can try wearing the same exact style set if your work environment permits.


5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work outfit idea

A majority of working women own several work styled pants. They are a common feature in all stores and are easy to pair with just about ANYTHING! In our style set, the basic black work pants are paired with with a print burgundy turtleneck, a black medium sized handheld bag and pair of nude colored high heels. If you are in warmer weather there will obviously be no need for a long sleeve turtleneck/poly-neck. You can still go for a deep red,red,wine,burgundy colored top!


5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work Tuesday

This style set may not be applicable in a very formal environment, especially with regards to the shoes. However, this fits perfectly into any creative industry dress code, intern and/or even classroom assistant/teaching assistant/sub teacher and even a teacher. A simple grey shirt dress,black bag, cropped black blazer and accessorized with hints of burgundy.


5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work wednesday work outfit

It is mid week and often you will be looking forward to the weekend already. We know just the thing to put a spring into your step to survive until Friday. What we love most about this style set is it can work in a corporate environment as well as a laid back work situation! It’s the magic that a basic pair of work pants can do. Opposed to the very semi-formal style you wore on Monday with high heels, you can now work a very formal looking style with FLAT SHOES.


5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work thursday

For this style set, we layered the basic grey shirt dress with a plain white shirt to give it a completely new look. We paired it with some 90’s style block heel ankle boots with a comfy platform. The Chief picked gold bold accessories to give a pop to the grey/black outfit.


5 Ways To Wear YOU at Work fridayMost Fridays everywhere are dress down days. However, you still have to give a hint of “professionalism” in your look even if it is jeans day. The basic pair or work pants and the dark colored classic trench coat in this set are for exactly that. A white t-shirt can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you are going to work. Remember that you may not need a trench for this look if you are in a warmer climate.

So here we have it glammys, 5 days of work wear sorted out using 2 basic fashion items that you can rotate and face lift everyday of the week according to your mood, work demands and are fit for any budget.