How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home

Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home

How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at homeIn need of a quick mani fix? Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home is a glorious D.I.Y. 在自家達成一項完美的美甲任務是非常有趣的DIY.
It is the ultimate way of getting a quick nail fix between your nail spa dates.
We agree that there is something about a pro manicure that is extremely therapeutic and the results are beautiful. However, let’s face it, between school runs, work, home, boyfriend/hubby and university, being a superhero can get a little weary.

Plus, we figure you have tried our natural nail growth miracle D.I.Y and are now looking for more ways to enjoy your personal superpowers.
A busy schedule can make finding time to visit your favorite beauty spot a gigantic task.
The best news is you can definitely get a brilliant manicure and pedicure doing it yourself. It is also one of the  best ways to host a great evening with your girlfriends for a little glammy girl time FOR LESS, we mean much less and thrice the fun.

How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home

You will need;

  • (non-acetone) nail polish remover and cotton balls
  • nail file
  • buffing block
  • sugar scrub to exfoliate
  • orangewood stick (cuticle stick)
  • cuticle oil
  • moisturizer
  • nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat)
  • Sharp edged Q-Tips

STEP 1: Remove your current nail polish.

STEP 2: Clip,cut&buff (CCB)
TIP: Buff the tops and sides of nails lightly with a nail buffer (not your emery board) to create a smooth surface.

STEP 3: Cuticle care
This step can be easily achieved whether or not you have soaked your nails or not.
If you soak your nails it will take slightly longer to finish the task of achieving a perfect manicure at home.
Soften your cuticles by rubbing oil or lotion, when you are satisfied by how soft they are, go ahead and push them back with an your cuticle stick to get a gorgeous shape.This tool can also clean dirt from under the nail.
Don’t forget to give yourself a hand massage with your moisturizer. Then swipe the nail beds with polish remover to remove any oil and moisturizer.
TIP: The key to long lasting polish is super clean nails!

STEP 4: Apply nail base coat
Before you apply your base coat, moisturize your nails. The base coat is to protect and hydrate your nails.
One thin coat will do the trick, we also recommend that you wait a full 2 minutes between all coats.

STEP 5: Apply your nail polish
You will need to paint on 2 coats. Put on your first coat and wait for it to completely dry before applying the next.
To achieve a pro look you need to swipe polish down the center of the nail first, then on each side. The key is to make the layers of polish as thin as possible, which will aid in longevity and help the polish dry more quickly.
If you get any color outside of your nail, don’t fret- it is nothing a sharp edged q-tip dipped in nail polish remover can’t fix. (some nail polishes need 3 coats). Our Editor recommends REVLON nail polish for a quick drying nail polish.

STEP 6: Apply top coat
Applying a top coat  adds shine and protects your mani from chipping, one coat is perfectly enough.To refresh your manicure or pedicure throughout the week, just add another layer of top coat, we have tried it and it makes a HUGE difference.
TIP: After applying the top coat, wait for it dry and even afterwards, just sit back and relax. Try not to do anything- except browse through our fabulously styled FACEBOOK PAGE.

For a picture-perfect finish, add a few drops of Essie Quick-E Drying Drops onto the nail it definitely speeds the drying process a whole lot more.

For those who would love a soak: Soak hands for two to three minutes, and feet for five minutes.Mix one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of baby oil gel and gently scrub away the dead, dry cells. It smells fantastic and leaves your skin feeling like silk. Rinse and pat dry.

Check out the gallery below for a better idea at your How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home needed tools;

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