Best Spring Beauty Essentials

Best Spring Beauty EssentialsBest Spring Beauty Essentials 春季優質”玩”美必備品 is definitely a must read for all of us who are ready to shed Winter’s harsh skin and step into a beautiful, head turning glow. We are listing tried and tested,natural and over the counter products that have amazing results and will leave you feeling like a beauty wonderwoman.

Best Spring Beauty Essentials

Protective and nourishing moisturizer-  We can not get over this daytime age defy from Mila Earth Body Care (above), this natural brand has done a good job in ensuring that all toxic matter stays out of their jar and this cream not only moisturizes your face but protects as well. It is available here in Taipei and our Chief-In-Glam is in love with their entire 100% natural range.

Best Spring Beauty Essentials

Mascara– We all know a good mascara is a girl’s best friend! In the Spring you need to look out for something that is not too light yet not too heavy and with no clumps *yuk*. One stroke of a wand should be just right in Spring, and Lancome is great at this style. This wand has a perfect brush that is not to harsh for our natural eyelashes.

Best Spring Beauty Essentials spring scents

Perfume– Nothing smells better than Chloe in the Spring. It is safe to say that for Spring, Chloe is our go to scent- this new scent is super feminine AND a reworking of 2014 Love Story scent,also from Chloe. This one is definitely more summery. Best Spring Beauty Essentials nails marc jacobs lipglossYou can try this amazing UNISEX (genderless) Byredo scent; it is seductive.

Best Spring Beauty Essentials lips chanel rougeSoft  Pink Lipstick- As much as we live for a red lip, we gotta admit that this Spring, a pink lip will be winning hearts everywhere. If your skin tone agrees, you can even go for a bolder pink like this Chanel number with its sheer lip shine or a YSL fuchsia. Candy Yum Yum from MAC is a great alternative.Best Spring Beauty Essentials nails marc jacobs lipgloss Best Spring Beauty Essentials nails marc jacobs lipgloss It doesn’t have to be a lipstick, a great lip gloss will always be a winner.

Best Spring Beauty Essentials nailsThe perfect Manicure- You can pick any color you want, all that manners is that your manicure is lit and on point. Ok..wait, why not try a pale pink or a nude color. If all else fails, go for white. Best Spring Beauty Essentials nails

Best Spring Beauty Essentials nails

Essie St Lucia Lilac

You can check out the seasons hottest Nail polish here.

Facial Wet Wipes– You definitely do not want to caught off guard by any situation and makeup fails. Facial wet wipes are your hand bag essentials,especially for the warmer months. They come in extremely handy should you want to quickly redo or fix anything whilst on the go.Best Spring Beauty Essentials

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