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Saturday, March 5, 2016

5 Things NOT to do on your date what to talk about on a first date

5 Things NOT to do on your date

5 Things NOT to do on your date 5 Things NOT to do on your date 第一次約會不要做的五件事 is the ultimate bae guide on what to avoid in order to get that much sort after 2nd date. Let’s face it, no matter how many dates we have been on, a first date is always the one that leaves us feeling a bit inexperienced or rather “a golden oldie”. We have a complied a fail proof, bad ass list that will guarantee you a second date; well, if the person actually does like you.第一次約會不要做的五件事    第一次約會不要做的五件事是讓你可以再繼續有第二次約會的終極指南,面對吧,不管你之前跟多少人約過會,第一次的約會還是會有些生疏,像一首過時的老歌。下面我們整理出了一些不會失敗的方法,保證讓你繼續有第二次的約會,當然,前提是約會的對象必須先對你有好感。


Friday, March 4, 2016

Super Easy And Chic Spring Cocktail Recipe 春季經典雅緻雞尾酒食譜

Super Easy And Chic Spring Cocktail Recipe Tony abou ganimSuper Easy And Chic Spring Cocktail Recipe 春季經典雅緻雞尾酒食譜 is the perfect secret for all your hosting dinners this Spring.Nothing is ever more captivating than a host who can actually shake up and bomb-ass cocktail whilst looking like a million dollar bill! Our fabulous and chic ladies who love a good cocktail are going to love this tasty spring time drink aptly named, “Mom’s Sangria”. After all, a chic lifestyle is all about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Our super simple recipe will make you the admirable,self sufficient host.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 Tasteful Ways To Win On Valentine’s Day

3 Tasteful Ways To Win On Valentine's Day Style3 Tasteful Ways To Win On Valentine’s Day is tailored made for the busy and not so gentlemen, trust us many men admit that they really have no clue how to go about pleasing a woman when it comes to gifts,romance and being the superhero for the day. Ladies,share this post with the men in your life,be they family or romantic interests and gentlemen do not be shy to pass this around to your friends either.
By this time, you probably have made awesome,mind blowing plans for your loved one (YES to the man who thinks in advance and can actually plan) but if you are pressed for time follow our simple but winning ways- Red roses, Chef for a day and thoughtful gift. (more…)

Monday, February 8, 2016

CNY EAT: Keelung Yun-Chen Italian margarita pizza

CNY EAT:Keelung Yun-Chen Italian Restaurant

CNY EAT: Keelung Yun-Chen Italian RestaurantCNY EAT:Keelung Yun-Chen Italian Restaurant (洋城義大利餐廳) is a kiddie friendly and family suitable eatery found on the bustling busy streets of scenic Keelung in Taipei. It does not have much of a view but has friendly and positive energy atmosphere. Besides the beautiful ocean view, Keelung is also known for its delicious,tasty offers in food. Everyone in Taipei knows that Keelung food is delish. Yun-shan is a cozy,intimate,chic decorated restaurant is in a century old building,on the 2nd floor. On a rainy day, it was warm and a safe place to rest.  The food was exceptionally good and surprisingly not too heavy and greasy as one would expect with regular Italian, it was seasoned to a satisfactory (ok) standard and the service was pretty fast. So if at anytime you find yourself in Keelung,looking for a safe bet of food to eat, Yun-Chen Italian is your place. (more…)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2 good reasons to dine at vapiano taipei italian restaurant cafe in taipei

2 Good Reasons To Dine at Vapiano Taipei

2 good reasons to dine at vapiano taipei italian restaurant in taipeiThe 2 Good Reasons To Dine at Vapiano Taipei are all about the view and the view. ok, the food isn’t that bad to be honest and on a good day it is easily one of the very few places that get “Italian” right in Taipei. Vapiano is a chic casual Italian dining cafe at ATT4Fun, it has no wait service – customers have to pick up their food using a card as a tab. Their sauces are quite heavy&greasy but compared to what is “Italian” food in Taipei: Vapiano gets a great rating from us. A true foodie,especially a hungry one will like it…a genuine food connoisseur may want to differ though. Their pastas are freshly made and they grow some of their herbs inside the restaurant.
We recommend you go to enjoy it when the skies are clear,sun is shining or Taipei’s bright lights make for a memorable evening.

It’s definitely date night worthy and it is kiddie friendly,so the entire family can go and enjoy great pizza.
兩個原因推薦您在台北”Vapiano” (慢活)餐廳用餐
餐廳在信義區 ATT4Fun 樓上的ㄧ家時尚義大利餐館。是屬於沒有服務生的自助型餐廳,給你一張電子卡(大學或科學園區的人應該很習慣這種卡片付帳的形式)。

食物可口,醬料濃稠美味,除非你是真正的老饕,否則我對 Vapiano 在台北義大利餐來講,推薦值非常高,CP值高.
推薦原因二: 無敵美景,無論是晴空萬里,陰天或晚上,在Vapiano用餐,除了美食,美景讓您與隨行同伴,絕對有個難忘的約會。


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Delicious Afternoon At Tuga Taipei

Delicious Afternoon At Tuga TaipeiDelicious afternoon at Tuga Taipei : Tuga, Taipei was our 2nd Gourmet food club (WTIC) meeting and was nothing short of an unforgettable afternoon. The brand new Portuguese eatery called Tuga is nestled in the small alley ways of downtown Taipei, providing the perfect foodie escape.
Our vibrant, jolly and very diverse group of ladies plus the great Portuguese food adventure mixed with a few bottles of wine (Tuga has a wide variety of wines which we had the pleasure of tasting on this day) made it a memorable afternoon.
It is never easy to please a huge group of people, especially when it is food but we can safely say that our members had a great time. The variety of the menu and authenticity of if is really what makes Tuga a restaurant worth trying, the interior decor and ambiance also play a major role in their dining experience. 我們在台北的第二次 [嘗鮮美食會] 舉辦在一家叫“TUGA” 的葡萄牙餐廳。TUGA 是一家新開在東區巷弄裡很舒適的小餐館,他提供了我們一個很完美的美食之旅。
(也因為TUGA 是個小酒莊,他們有上百種的葡萄牙酒)這次也有幸喝到配上我們食物的紅,白酒,所以美食,好酒製造了一個難忘的下午。
TUGA 的菜單很有可信度,餐廳的裝潢與氛圍,都讓我們推薦您值得去試試看。 (more…)