How To Look Good In Cropped Pants

How To Look Good In Cropped Pants


Cropped pants are seriously cool. How To Look Good In Cropped Pants 要如和穿出七分褲的時尚is your guide on working with the balance between your silhouette and shoes.
You must to find the right balance. Crop pants turn any girl into a supermodel!
The issue is often about how to wear trousers cut above the ankle and how much ankle is chic. Too much ankle can be a complete fail and little show of the ankle can take away your cropped pants moment.
Here are a few tips that we use… and they work!

How To Look Good In Cropped PantsWhen wearing skinny cropped pants;

  1. Short legs work best:  create the illussion of height. I am convinced this makes me look taller.
  2. The leg opening should be as narrow as possible. Take the pants into the tailors if necessary.
  3. On the subject of tops and shoes, a good heel, like my beige Bershka heels which I have owned for years (I refuse to let them go) works with an oversize men’s shirt. I like the contrast of feminine with masculine.  zee
  4. With a simple T-shirt, you can wear a statement flat sandal that has a bit of flash.

How To Look Good In Cropped Pants… wide-leg cropped pants . . .

1.Play with clothes that are oversize and still sexy. There are plenty flat shoes and booties that make it easy to create a really feminine look with a looser trouser or jeans.How To Look Good In Cropped Pantscrop-pants-4
2. Make sure that the inseam is short enough to make them looked cropped—not just poorly hemmed. Above the ankle is a hard and fast rule.

3. For Fall, wear crop pants with a fitted sweater to make the look a bit more sexy.

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