Instagram and Social Media Tips for Upcoming Stylists&Bloggers

Instagram and Social Media 101 for Upcoming Stylists&Bloggers

Instagram and Social Media Tips for Upcoming Stylists&BloggersInstagram and Social media 101 for upcoming stylists&bloggers and designers 給將要成為時尚設計師和部落客的Instagram 和社群媒體初階教學 is a simple 101 step by step guide on how you can make the best presentation for yourself and your brand without falling between the cracks; even a personal brand- which you already are.
Social media is now an undeniably big gateway into your professional world as blogger,stylist,designer, artist and so on. So do not take your social media presence lightly, especially if you want to use is as a tool to benefit your craft or display your talents. Of course, do so with flair and do not be a stiffy.  the power to connect that these social media tools possess.

As a fashion stylist-blogger, I have used more social media to check out models my photographers recommend, to check out how a piece of marketing material turned out, to size up designers/persons who have to be featured on my blog. Instagram, after LinkedIn, has become some what the next best stop to make to check someone’s work if after or before their website. Today we look at a few things to  look out for that are sure to be a turn off to anybody who will use your social media to check out your work;

1)Make sure your account is PUBLIC


Yup, make sure that your privacy settings are set to public. There is nothing more irritating than a blogger having to follow a designer because of a possible feature or a stylist having to follow a model because their “work” reference is set on private. If we can not see you, then you miss the opportunity. It’s like having a website then making it non-view-able for the public!

2) It’s About Your Work


Check out @AminahJillil

Many up-and-coming stylists are concerning themselves with what they wear, as opposed to what they can do in terms of styling. We all know that dressing yourself can become easy as you get to know your taste better but dressing another is a different ball game all together. So more to the reason why your social media is a window into your work.


Check out @luxurylaw 

Having worked for a glossy magazine, I can tell you that when they look for a stylist they will not be hiring an “OOTD BLOGGER” but rather somebody who has showcased styling work of any kind. I was hired from a an excellent quality pool of other stylists via instagram!
Your OOTD pictures are not going into your styling portfolio,so treat your instagram the same way. Yes, a few OOTD’s are allowed but make sure they do not make up 90% of your instagram. This goes for designers as well,make sure that about 90% of your posts are about your inspiration,products,photoshoots about your products (for stylists, your products are your product shoots,styling shoots,editorial shoots,fashion shows,clients etc).
Bloggers; your instagram is not a free zone to bombard your followers with things that your blog is not relevant to.

3) Dust To The Selfie

selfieUnless you are a MUA, beauty blogger,beauty lover,model,a supermodel at that, a duck face is the last thing a potential client/blogger will want to see plastered all over your instagram account. If it’s a business page and you are not in the business of duck faces..then ditch this move..keep it clean,keep it professional.

If you are itching to show the world that you are truly a duck face queen, create an alternative account.

4) Give a website address/ contact e-mailInstagram and Social Media Tips for Upcoming Stylists&Bloggers

This is a no brainer, people have to know how to get a hold of you. The public has to be able to get a hold of you. Whether it’s for press or for business enquires..don’t just depend on DM,it comes across as very unprofessional,unprepared. However, if someone reaches out to your via DM,reply as soon as you can and advice that they use your email. If you do not have a website, build one,keep it updated and stocked (if you selling anything).

5)Take Clear PicturesInstagram and Social Media Tips for Upcoming Stylists&Bloggers
I know from experience how important this is, even when you see others with not so great images working out. Smart phones today are equipped for the social era we live in, use it wisely and get one with an excellent cellphone camera resolution…you really do not need a professional camera to capture your on the go moments, however you still need to take a good picture which has a clear view of your product with as little filter on it as possible. The more creative you can get the better, the better lighting you have-works to your advantage.
If you do not have a pro camera, I suggest you get one and learn the basics. It is an investment and a handy one at that.

6) Stop B****ing.


STOP,do you not realize that this is definitely not a good look?
The world is not fair, get over it. And the fashion industry is the worst.
When I first started out as a stylist..I worked for free then for a really low price and even now there are times when I take change but because I want to get somewhere; I know that I must work hard and talk less about the BS,right now as a blogger there are still many things I do for free with people I may have a lot to say about,but hey guess what, I am learning and moving forward. YOU CAN DO THE SAME.
Most interns in fashion don’t get paid or get paid minimum wage.
Designers also may need to learn that at some point in time, you will work for “free” kits, gifts for public figures or popular or influential individuals will not come with a numerical paycheck at most times.
Nobody plays fair in the fashion industry(so get used to that), but they appreciate talent and persistence.

Instagram and Social Media Tips for Upcoming Stylists&BloggersThe above mentioned is not a guarantee that you will be successful but it is a step in the right direction for being noticed and taken seriously at what it is that you say you do instead of clouding your brand image and sending out all the wrong signals.
You can try all the above, mix it it up and see what works out best for you and your personal brand..repeat and stay chic!

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