Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品

Mila Earth Body Care-推薦的保養品

Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品Mila Earth Body Care-推薦的保養品 is our early 2016 skincare recommendation for you glammys. Our theme for this month is all about “Clean living” from inside out. Our skin theory is that your body suit is worth any goodness this earth has to offer and from experience; it does not have to cost you an entire college tuition’s worth- not the good stuff baby. And for that great skin fix; we recommend Mila earth body care . It is made in small batches at home to ensure freshness. it is customizable (can be made to suit your skin special needs). Our resident Chief in-Glam found out about Mila Earth 3 weeks ago and her results are worth more than she spent for sure not just that but her skin feels weirdly baby bottom smooth.Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品The awesome news about Mila Earth has worked on several different ethnicities and works wonders across the race and gender board (PHEW! Finally something that doesn’t need a needle or a couple of zero’s after 10. that works for EVERBODY at any age).
Together with our resident Chief in-Glam, we highly recommend the “time machine” which is unisex – this treatment stimulates more collagen production and combats effects of pollution and aging. Simply put,more collagen and hydration of skin reduces elasticity of skin and wrinkles. The time machine is Huyluronic acid in a 30ml vial and a Vitamin C 30ml vial (blue bottles in pic).
Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品Age defy day cream is also highly recommended, it is anti wrinkle& anti scar cream. Great for all skin types, ethnicities (races) and perfect for Asia-Pacific weather and protects your skin from pollution in the environment.Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品

是台灣的自創護膚保養品牌,每一批都是小量製作以確保產品的新鮮度。(也可針對各人肌膚特性而訂製).我們特別推薦這款-時光機器- 的中性保養品,男女皆適用。它能幫助您的身體產生更多天然膠原蛋白。眾所皆知膠原蛋白和水份讓肌膚更有彈性並減緩皺紋產生.
Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品


The oat, green tea and clay mask looks like this;Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品Mila Earth Body Care- 推薦的保養品A great start for anyone looking for a more viable or sustainable way of keeping their skin fresh and perfectly safe from some of our environmental element.