Maria Martinez wallets

Must have: Maria Martinez Brand Tassel Earrings

Maria Martinez wallets

Our forever growing trend alert hit list grows longer each time, today must have: Maria Martinez brand tassel earrings are our go to hit maker. These tassel earrings have been our fashion radar for a while now, making it on our long list of Must-haves for this summer/Fall. If you keep up with accessory love lists and luxury editor’s edge then you must have seen and heard of the new style earrings taking a lead in the fashion accessories lane.  Obviously tassel earrings are nothing new to the world yet we just have to love how they have been reintroduced yet again and given a “regular girl” feeling meaning that we can all cop and rock them with style. They are not only a trendy statement piece but they are fun and sassy. It is the ultimate accessory piece for a very fiery fashionista who loves to show off her personality and her fashion savvy streak. The great thing about Must have:Maria Martinez brand tassel earrings is their versatile style; they can be dressed up and down yet still managing to making a fashionable, fun and colorful statement.

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tassel earrings

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Tassel Earrings

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Maria Martinez brand Summer campaign also saw the introduction of the brand’s new shoe range which is mostly ballerina style flats; the shoes follow the brand’s design aesthetic of vibrant, colorful embroidery which are part of the designer‘s cultural and country, Guatemala’s,identity. The Summer campaign also showed her signature bags as well as her popular wallets/purses which are made from leather and embroidery.

The glammy also sampled the much talked about tassel earring trend from Maria Martinez brand during the recent photoshoot for The Chic TeeTassel earrings

Must have: Maria Martinez brand tassel earrings are now available for purchase below;

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Fashion Stylist: ChiefGlammy