How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home

Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home

How To Achieve A Perfect Manicure at homeIn need of a quick mani fix? Achieve A Perfect Manicure at home is a glorious D.I.Y. 在自家達成一項完美的美甲任務是非常有趣的DIY.
It is the ultimate way of getting a quick nail fix between your nail spa dates.
We agree that there is something about a pro manicure that is extremely therapeutic and the results are beautiful. However, let’s face it, between school runs, work, home, boyfriend/hubby and university, being a superhero can get a little weary.

Plus, we figure you have tried our natural nail growth miracle D.I.Y and are now looking for more ways to enjoy your personal superpowers.
A busy schedule can make finding time to visit your favorite beauty spot a gigantic task.
The best news is you can definitely get a brilliant manicure and pedicure doing it yourself. It is also one of the  best ways to host a great evening with your girlfriends for a little glammy girl time FOR LESS, we mean much less and thrice the fun.
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What to wear to a job interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to a job interviewDon’t let nerves wreck your flow. What to wear to a job interview 求職面試如何穿搭is a look at how to make an all round, unforgettable impression.
We all know the importance of making a great first impression on your potential employer. Dressing for success is a big part of the interview process. So always dress to impress but do not over do it. It does not matter how long you have been in the work game, these rookie mistakes are always repeated.
If you’re wondering what to wear to an interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look professional and polished. Remember that your interview attire depends on what job you’re applying for, no matter what the position, you should come in looking neat, tidy and well-dressed. Relax, achieving a stylish work look is simple.


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3 Must Have Make Up Brushes

3 Must Have Make Up Brushes

3 Must Have Make Up BrushesAre you trying to get into the makeup game? 3 Must Have Make Up Brushes 三個必備的彩妝刷具is the ultimate starter pack kit.

Many women often feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to their first makeup brush purchases. It’s even worse when you watch all these beautiful videos on youtube and you see well experienced MUA’s or much more experienced vloggers dolling up using a zillion make up brushes.
Our video tutorial focus on the 3 makeup brushes that you need to start out with while you gain more confidence and skill. These brushes are excellent for achieving a good looking, basic everyday makeup look that you can wear to work. The 3 magic brushes are a powder brush, an all purpose tool, a flat foundation brush and a blending brush.
This is basic makeup brush guide is awesome for a beautista on a budget!
Just relax. It gets better, and practice does make perfect.
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Awesome must have chokers

Awesome must have wrap chokers

Awesome must have wrap chokersLet’s say this together, Rihanna is the baddest in the game.
Awesome must have wrap chokers 必備超殺的頸鍊 is about the accessory craze she brought the back into the game: street style. This 90’s trend had not been a mainstream fashion thing, it was more for Malibu kids who are rebellious and hang out at the beach way after midnight. Where the champagne is always cold, the music is always good and the pretty girls just happen to show up.
The choker has become a must have accessory for all types of occasions; from a casual look to formal to red carpet. The choker is finally a cross-style item.
Fast forward to this summer, we welcome the wrap choker. A cousin to the many styles and types of chokers we have seen.  We have to admit that the comeback kid of accessories is the choker.

頸鍊已經變成了所有場合的必備的飾品;從休閒風到正式紅毯場合頸鍊是可以隨意混搭的單品。快速倒轉至今年初夏,讓我們熱烈歡迎此復古的頸鍊,我們看見各種不同樣式風格的頸鍊。我們必需承認這復古屁孩飾品就是這款飾品-頸鍊。 Read More

How to Clean Your Face with Coconut Oil

How to Clean Your Face with Coconut Oil

How to Clean Your Face with Coconut OilWe absolutely love the undisputed champion of all things naturally beautiful: coconut oil.
How to clean your face with coconut oil 如何使用椰子油清洗臉?is based on the “like dissolves like” principle. It is very easy.
Since we are all know of the many beauty super powers coconut oil carries, it feels right to share this d.i.y skincare routine as well.
From previous experience with coconut oil for moisturizing,makeup brush cleaning and nail growth, we are confident you will be comfortable trying out coconut oil face washing.
The results on your skin are nothing short of glorious, will your skin feel smoother and well nourished, you may just never see another blemish in years.
Using coconut oil on my face is the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin.
如何使用椰子油清洗臉是基於‘’同類互溶‘’的原理。椰子油的洗臉的方法很簡單。 自從我們知道許多椰子油帶來的超能力,與大家分享這自製的護膚常規也絕對不會錯的!
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How to wear white jeans in any season


HOW TO WEAR WHITE JEANS IN ANY SEASONHow to wear white jeans in any season 『如何在任何季節穿搭白牛仔褲』will put to rest your fears of wearing white jeans throughout the year. Most people feel a little uncomfortable wearing white beyond a specific season, when in fact, white is the perfect cross over color! Swap out a pair of regular blue jeans for white ones and your look instantly transforms. They’re fresh, crisp, and add a breezy beachy touch to any outfit. These sleek pants can be worn any time of the year, Simply change up the colors and textures of your tops and shoes, and you can make these jeans work all year round. Learn how to wear white jeans from season to season below.
白色牛仔褲給人清爽、 活潑的感覺,而且還融入了點輕微海洋風到任何服飾。
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