Spring Shoe Trends

Spring Shoe Trends

I  posted another video on my new Youtube channel ; it is all about  SPRING SHOE TRENDS and it just as much fun as the last one (WATCH IT HERE). Fashion week leaves us with a ton of information to decipher and sob many trends tonchose from. I have made marrowed down that list and picked ones that you will look absolutley fashion savvy and drop dead gorgeous in.

In the new video, I am talking about any girls best friend; shoes and what type of shoes you may need to get for Spring 2015 . You will see a this season’s ultimate shoe trend; the fringe show, which I got from a giant high street retailer, the newly lovable block heel as well as a sexy bow. The colors are very basic with one or two being selective with pairings.
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For the SPRING SHOE TRENDS video you will need;

  • A notepad
  • A pen or a pencil
  • Credit card
  • Cash


The SPRING SHOE TRENDS HIT LIST is fab right? there are so many other choices to pick from for Spring 2015 and these are just the tip of our fashion iceberg, make sure that you SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel and this blog or follow my instagram as I will be updating this stylish list as the season goes by!