What Should Go In a Fashion Stylist’s Kit

Stylists kitA lot of aspiring stylists always ask this question, “What should go in a fashion stylist’s Kit? I have finally gotten around to answering the most popular question on here/Instagram/ Facebook Fan Page! I get a lot of mail from aspiring stylists who are either going to their first commercial shot or getting their first go at being a fashion stylist. The one most popular question I always seem to get is “Can you offer any pointers on what needs to go into my stylist kit, and if you had any pointers on what I should do”.

Stylist essentials

BTS at my Stella McCartneyx Adidas Photoshoot for GQ magazine

From my own personal experience as an editorial/commercial/wardrobe/freelance fashion stylist you will definitely need the following;

  • Pins
  • Safety Pins in different sizes (Get them in black if possible or both silver and black)
  • Lint Roller Brush / Sticky paper roller brush
  • Handheld clothes steamer
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Spare buttons
  • See through sellotape or double sided tape
  • Mini Sewing kit (Needles with black and white thread especially)
  • Hangers
  • Stain remover pen (A lifesaver)
  • Hand wipes or dry paper towels (optional)
  • TopStick Fashion-Fix tape (My favorite item and most used when I’m personal styling for events. It is God’s gift to fashion,I kid you not. It is the secret used by A-listers on making clothes look like they are literally part of their skin and not loose or wrinkled anywhere. My personal clients LOVE IT.)
  • Several extra looks (Personal clients will almost always change their minds, so it is important to prepare a few extra looks as options, just in case).

If you have always wondered how the clothes look so perfect in magazine fashion pages or red carpet, well now you know! These items listed above are generally what should go in a fashion stylist’s Kit , there may be one or two items that you mat need to add depending on what job (project) you are doing or what type of styling you are into. For example, an editorial or commercial stylist may need to have a vast network of models, photographers, makeup artists etc and may need to also add hair styling products to their kit and knowing how to do basic makeup is an added advantage.

fashion shoot

A lot of work goes into achieving a work like this.
My previously published work for AlOstoura Mag

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