What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party

What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party

what to wear to a great gatsby theme partyThe festive season is upon  us,we can’t wait to attend fun filled themes like the roaring 20’s. What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party is the ultimate step by step guide to making sure that you are the next star of of a Great Gatsby Themed soiree. Since it is most likely that this outfit may just be worn once for your party, we are going to give you gorgeous options that are great for a budget and absolutely lavish for a splurge.

You may have seen Kris Jenner’s Great Gatsby themed birthday and we are pretty sure you loved all the outfits that were flawlessly worn as in the roaring 20’s.

IF  you are one to splurge, then the dress Kylie Jenner had on will be the definition of glamour at your next 1920′ do.What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party

Kylie’s floor length embellished gown really stole the show. Her frock features a high halterneck design and beaded detailing that accentuated her curves. Her dress is bound to be of the couture variety with a hefty price tag to match, however, if this style takes your fancy, take a look at the affordable options below;

What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party
This Premium matte sequin midi dress in silver from MIssguided will give a similar effect and ONLY for $84.00


What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party
ASOS Glamorous Sequin Maxi Dress for UD$ 65.00 /NT$2,111.11
What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed PartyBoohoo Embellished Shift Dress USD$ 44.00/ NT$1,388.89
what to wear to a great gatsby theme partyThis frock is a little bit on the higher side of what we have shared to far on this post, however; it has all trappings and finishings of the roaring 20’s. ASOS Frock And Frill Allover Embellished Cold Shoulder Mini Dress With Tassel Hem USD$ 232 /NT$7,499.98

What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed PartyASOS Frock and Frill Long Sleeve Tassel Hem Pencil Dress In All Over Embellishment -USD$256 /NT$8,333.31

What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party

Dazzling Gun Metal Flapper Adult Costume is perfect for your ggreat gatsby themed party, even a 20’s party. It can be found on Amazon for USD$ 25.36- USD$62.39 and can also be found at Totally costumes for USD$39.99

1920s fashion centered around the revolution of freedom in clothing and morals. Both men’s and women’s 1920’s clothing broke out of the prim and proper mold of Victorian ideals and into free spirited casual wear. Fashion in the roaring twenties gained comfort while showing off an entirely new and outrageous use of color and decoration. The prohibition era has become the “new” vintage revival thanks to several TV shows, movies and mini series depicting life in the 1920s such as The great gatsby, Boardwalk Empire and Downtown Abby.

TIPS on HOW to SHINE at a Roaring 20’s Great Gatsby themed party

  • Read up on the 1920’s from everything that happened before and during. This way you can get a clear picture or feel of that era. They had just come out of a devastating war, so they were all living optimistically, lavishly and enjoying themselves. A celebration of life.
  • Choose one 1920’s icon who can be your back drop to draw inspiration from. From hair, to style, to the fashion.
  • Hair Accessory– your hair accessories for a 1920’s themed bash doen’t have to be limited to a hair band with a feather (yawn)
  • Bring your alter ego – The 1920’s weren’t only set on solid colors with bling like off-white, silver, black etc. Go for a color that will set you appart then pair it with typical 1920’s accessories.
  • Faux Fur Stole – a faux fur stole is a must!

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