What To Wear To An Art gallery

What To Wear To An Art Gallery Opening

What To Wear To An Art Gallery

Are you a little confused on what to wear to an Art gallery opening reception, do not worry, I’ve got you. Every woman will agree that deciding what to wear is a daily mission, it is really not the easiest task to make especially for an art event. It is a little terrifying when that is mixed with meeting others for the first time too. Everyone wants to look their best; the first time you are introduced to others is a vital moment. What to wear to an Art gallery opening reception isn’t the easiest to crack neither.

When a good friend invited me to the art gallery opening reception of a Geoffrey Gersten exhibition and sale at Sally Fine Art, I gladly accepted. Then shortly after that, I started to run my entire closet through my mind. I believe in staying ready because every meeting is a possible opportunity for good things. My first initial idea was of course to go in my favorite color; black but I decided against that and went for this;What To Wear To An Art Gallery Opening

Which I ended up wearing the day before the art gallery opening reception exhibition of Geoffrey Gersten Artworks. I ended up wearing a floral midi dress I got last year from Zara (florals in Spring…not very genius) .What to wear To An Art gallery openingI paired my floral frock with a pair of yellow mid heel pumps and a bottle green bag. When it comes to make up, I much prefer a natural look especially in the hotter months of the year, so I just do my eyebrows,eyes and smack on some good ol’ Revlon gloss.

I feel I was slightly overdressed for this one, but overdressing is better than under dressed. Thoughts?

The exhibition is still on going and there are good pieces still available for purchase. Check out Sally Fine Art Gallery through their FB page.

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