Why Sugar Is Good For Your Skin

Why Sugar Is Good For Your Skin

Why Sugar Is Good For Your SkinForget what mama told you, there are many beautiful reasons why Sugar is good for your skin.
Among a long sweet list of reasons is that sugar is a natural moisture retainer, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin.
So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help hydrate your skin and keep moisture within. The beauty benefits of sugar are endless AND true. GORGEOUS skin is every women’s dream,think of all the delicious skin D.I.Y or great scented homemade beauty regiments you have tried or heard of…there you go, that’s your answer. It all comes down to how you consume it; do not confuse using sugar on your skin with a high-sugar diet; that won’t do your skin many favors, but incorporating it into your topical beauty routine can deliver some pretty sweet results. Using sugar as a scrub is the best gift for your skin this holiday season. 女人都想擁有最好的皮膚狀態,妳知道其實糖對皮膚是很有利的,它是天然保濕品,所以當妳抹上含糖成分的保養品,就能更好的鎖住皮膚的水分,所以我們選擇用粗糖作為手工去角質品的主要成分。這份手部天然去角質品也是冬季最好的禮物喔~

Why Sugar Is Good For Your SkinSugar’s small particles make an excellent exfoliant; that is why we chose Raw sugar as a key ingredient in our homemade hand scrub that you can find inside one of our beauty jars. When choosing a sugar scrub, consider the key ingredient(s): Brown sugar is softer than granulated sugar, so can generally be used on the face and sensitive skin. Raw sugar (also known as turbinado sugar-and available in Carrefour in Taipei.) is more naturally coarse, so is usually reserved for the body. Always do a small patch test if you aren’t sure how your skin will react.Why Sugar Is Good For Your Skin

Here are a few of our fav simple sugar scrubs that you can try at home or gift a friend this Christmas (connect with us on INSTAGRAM or our FACEBOOK PAGE to get more super artsy and fashionable D.I.Y Christmas gifts- be unique);

  • Using basic brown sugar, olive oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. We prefer cinnamon. You can also mix ginger with a few drops of citrus essential oil (like grapefruit or orange) for an awesome kick.Why Sugar Is Good For Your Skin
  • For your face, mix sugar, honey, and a few drops of lemon juice to hydrate, clarify, and reveal softer skin. You only need to use a topical sugar scrub about twice per week. Sugar scrubs are great to use in the winter, as exfoliating the top layer of skin helps moisturizers penetrate more deeply and hydrate longer.Why Sugar Is Good For Your Skin

Merry Christmas!